Tried and True: Classic Promotional Products

  • Jul 2, 2022

There are some things out there that are just undisputed classics – and when you think of a classic, what goes to your mind? Maybe it’s a classic car like a 1950s era Cadillac, or perhaps it’s a movie like Star Wars: A New Hope. A classic becomes a classic either because it’s iconic or tried-and-true.

 And sometimes, the best thing to do is go back to the basics; we’ve done just that with these promotional products! From koozies to notebooks, these products are the heroes of the promotional products world.


1.      Clic Pen

Pens. Man, what can go wrong with a branded pen? Staff at doctors’ offices, restaurants, and teachers all go nuts for a great branded pen – they all have their favorites. So, why not make your branded pen their next?


2.      Koozie Collapsible Can Kooler

Ahhh, the koozie. Everyone has a drawer in their house reserved for these bad boys. Perfect for the beach, lake, boat, Independence Day Celebrations, and more - these have become a summer staple for many.



3.      Comfort Colors Adult Heavyweight T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a good, old-fashioned, branded t-shirt? A t-shirt on a body is a walking billboard. Great for commemorating an event like freshman move-in week on your college campus or your business’ charity walk t-shirts are excellent for all occasions.



4.      SimpliColor 15 Oz. Ceramic Mug

There’s something so comforting about sitting down on your couch, all bundled up with a blanket, a favorite classic movie, and a nice warm mug of hot chocolate – now imagine how perfect it would be if that mug had your logo on it!



5.      Huntington Notebook and Pen

When it comes to the first day on the job, nothing says “welcome” more than giving your newest employee a new hire kit with branded items like a notebook and a pen. This product happens to be the best of both worlds.



6.      Squeezies Stress Reliever Ball

When you imagine getting a promotional product, probably one of the first things on your mind is a stress reliever! The stress reliever ball is a classic – with so many colors to choose from, you can make sure that your logo will stand out. Want something a bit more unique? Don’t worry: stress relievers come in so many shapes and sizes, you’re sure to find something you love.


Do you happen to have another classic promotional product in mind that wasn’t listed here? Give us a call – we can help bring what you envision to life.






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